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From Grand Rapids to Harvard

Welcome to AdmitMe!

Our founder, Daniel Slaw, is a Harvard graduate who went through the college admissions process himself. Daniel's expertise in various fields, including admissions, career guidance, and personal development, made him the go-to person for his loved ones seeking advice. His uncanny ability to understand their unique aspirations, identify their strengths, and navigate complex processes left an indelible impact on those he assisted. As his reputation grew, so did the number of people seeking his guidance.

Driven by a genuine passion for making a positive difference in people's lives, Daniel realized that he could extend his reach far beyond his inner circle. Inspired by the transformative effect his advice had on individuals, he decided to create AdmitMe—a platform that would empower countless others in their pursuit of success.

At AdmitMe, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to attend their dream school. That's why we offer comprehensive consulting services, including essay editing, interview preparation, and application strategy, to help students stand out in the competitive college admissions landscape.


Daniel's story

Daniel grew up in a low-income family in a small town. His parents worked tirelessly, but they struggled to make ends meet, let alone save for his college education. Despite the financial challenges, Daniel was determined to pursue higher education and achieve his dreams. 

Throughout high school, he excelled academically, becoming a top student in his class. His teachers recognized his potential and encouraged him to apply to colleges. However, Daniel knew that without significant financial aid, attending college would remain a distant dream. 

Undeterred, Daniel decided to take matters into his own hands. He researched scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities extensively. As he went through high school, he worked part-time at McDonald's to save money for college expenses. He was determined to make the most of every opportunity that came his way. 

Finally, the acceptance letter from his dream school arrived. Daniel had been admitted with a generous financial aid package. It was a moment of triump, not just for him, but for his entire family. His parents' sacrifices and his own hard work had paid off, opening the doors to a brighter future.

Our values

AdmitMe was founded on a few core principles:

  • Expertise: With reading and writing skills in the 99th percentile, AdmitMe provides expert knowledge 
  • Integrity: AdmitMe focuses on honesty and transparency in our approach to college admissions. We explain the reasoning behind our recommendations so you can understand the admissions process better yourself
  • Individualized Guidance: Everyone is unique, and AdmitMe focuses on each student to provide personalized advice
  • Empowerment: AdmitMe helps the student see the bigger picture of their college experience -- how it provides a stepping stone for future opportunities
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We want our clients to be as satisfied as possible. We will work tirelessly to earn your trust and provide unparalleled value